Reduced footfall in retail stores

As you may know, social distancing is being imposed in an increasing number of metro cities, which means people are strictly staying indoors and avoiding crowded places. Due to this, the retail markets of Hyderabad, Pune, Banglore, Chennai, Delhi, Kochi and even Mumbai have been severely affected. With statistics of fresh cases and deaths being updated everyday, it is becoming extremely difficult for retail businesses to sustain. Apart from industries such as FMCG and Pharmaceutical, others are facing reduced footfall as well as low revenues. In such times, we thought it would be a good idea to devise ways to stay in touch with your customers. This would not only increase your brand recall but also send a positive message that you care about them.

Put digital media to its full use

A lot of us in the industry believe that jewellery cannot be sold online and therefore refrain from using digital forms of media. But don’t you think when customers are not stepping out their house, it is better to knock the screens of their smartphones with the help of online platforms. As everyone is advised to stay at home, screens are people’s new best friend.. Webinars, video streaming, social media posts, audio podcasts, phone calls and even text messages are some of the ways you can entertain your customers and maintain high recall for your brand. Do whatever suits your brand but definitely do not let your clients forget you.


There are new headlines everyday containing information regarding emergency business policies. In such times of uncertainties, your clients are not only worried but also confused. It will be a good practice to let your clients know about the steps you are taking to keep your store and jewellery clean. Let your clients know if you have changed your store timings. In order to avoid gatherings, you can also give separate appointments to clients who have certain urgent needs. If the store is closing, let the world know through your communication channels. This will make sure your clients are well-informed and connected.

Try at Home features

Every business has special customers and it is okay to give them more attention than others. This is the phase which justifies the saying- ‘Desperate times calls for desperate measures.’ A desperate measure to implement now is the ‘Try at Home’ feature. Since carrying high value jewellery out of your office can be dangerous, this feature is meant neither for the general category customers nor for their general requirements. The stock you are going to carry has to be very focused according to the clients’ requirements. You can also take special care with sanitization to make the customer feel comfortable. This will not only ensure customer satisfaction but also get you a sale in times of crisis.